We know the system is broken.

Too many people make their livings from putting bandaids on our biggest problems.


A small tweak here, a tax break there. Ah yes, some more corporate welfare will solve it.


But those don't work and you know it. 

So who are we?

We're systems-thinkers.

Organizers. Strategists.  

And we're here to help build a better world.

Mauricio Ayon


Mauricio has over 25 years' experience building powerful coalition for change in Washington State. He has a background in business leadership, lobbying lawmakers on a diverse range of community issues, and developing legislative and political strategies. 

Mauricio has served as the Political Director for WashingtonCAN and most recently of SEIU6 Property Services NW. As Political Director, he led the organizations' political and legislative strategies. Mauricio created and helped run groundbreaking voter engagement studies Spectra and Spectra 2.0 which later became Our Votes Count


He currently serves on several boards including nonprofits Futurewise, Living Well Kent, and Kona Kai. He has a diverse and broad network that spans organized labor, community groups, legislators, and city officials. 

In 2015, Mauricio was honored to receive the Roberto Maestas Legacy Award from El Centro de la Raza. Mauricio is fluent in both English and Spanish and moved to the United States in 1989 from México. 

Giovanna Orecchio


Originally from King County, and raised in Ohio and England, Giovanna is passionate about reconstructing politics from the bottom up. From a young age, Giovanna was impacted by her mom's stories of organizing her workplace and getting fired for striking. 

As a union kid, Giovanna is proud to have worked as the Community and Political Organizer at SEIU6 Property Services NW where she coordinated the political program and served as staff lobbyist. While at SEIU6, Giovanna worked to pass first of its kind Sexual Harassment Protections for Isolated Workers (SB 5258)

She brings her years of field, labor, and community organizing experience to Indelible Media having previously organized on Congressional, State Legislative, and Municipal electoral and issue-based campaigns.